Apple would stop the development of its own Wi-Fi chips

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What is happening in the modem division of Apple, bought a few years ago from Intel? The question deserves to be asked as the firm struggles to deliver a first 5G modem for its iPhones, and while another project is now on hold. This week, we indeed learn from Ming-Chi Kuo that the Cupertino giant would have ” halted development ” of its Wi-Fi chips, and this for “ a good moment “, adds the analyst of TF International Securities.

Often well informed when it comes to Apple and its projects, the interested party explains that the brand would have preferred to reallocate most of its resources to the development of the next generation of its “A” processors (for the iPhone and iPad, in particular) and “M” (for Macs and certain iPads)

Apple’s apparent decision to develop its own Wi-Fi chips, however, comes as the group is in the midst of a transition period when it comes to Wi-Fi standards.

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Until now “limited” to Wi-Fi 6, many Apple devices are indeed beginning to migrate (lagging behind the competition) to the Wi-Fi 6E standard, delivering better speeds and stability through the use of of the 6 GHz band (compared to a maximum of 5 GHz with classic Wi-Fi 6). Very recently, Apple has announced new versions of its MacBook Pro 14 and 16 using this new standard, but also a new Mac mini and new iPad Pro capable of exploiting it. The iPhone 15 should also be Wi-Fi 6E compatible for their launch in September 2023.

As pointed out Engadget, the big winner of this suspension of the development of Wi-Fi chips at Apple would be none other than Broadcom. The American giant, current supplier of the brand in this field, would therefore retain its customer and its orders.

A priori Apple, however, would not have stopped the development of its 5G modem intended for the iPhone vintage 2025. It must be said that this is a major project for the firm, which wishes to gradually give way to Qualcomm, its current 5G chip supplier.

Apple would finally continue to move forward on another wireless chip project, this time combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This chip in particular could be used, in the medium term, on a mixed reality headset ” cheaper » that the brand would have in the boxes in parallel with the very high-end model expected later this year.

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