Micron will build a $15 billion memory chip factory in the United States

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The Chips and Science Act ratified by Joe Biden in mid-August is beginning to bear fruit. On September 1, memory chip maker Micron announced announcement a $15 billion investment in a new factory, located in the United States.

Micron promises $40 billion in investments

For its first concrete project in the United States since the Chips Act, Micron has decided to settle closer to home. The future factory will be located in Idaho, a state in the northwestern United States and more precisely in Boise, where the company’s headquarters are already located. The investment will be spread over ten years.

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Micron assures that it is the first memory chip factory built in the United States for twenty years. The company ensures thatit will create 17,000 jobs, including 2,000 direct on his part. She did not give details on the type of chips that will be built.

In total, the company promised that it would invest $40 billion in the United States to manufacture semiconductors by 2030 and would create 40,000 new jobs in all. Micron had conditioned this effort on the adoption of the Chips and Science Act, to speed up the legislative process.

“a great victory for America”

The law, which provides $52.7 billion in subsidies for the sector, is cited extensively in the company’s press release. Its CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra, thanked President Joe Biden and his administration. He stated that ” Our new state-of-the-art memory manufacturing facility will fuel America’s technology leadership and ensure a reliable national supply of semiconductors, which is essential for economic and national security. “.

On the day of the announcement, September 1, the White House split a short communicated signed by the President. The latter believes that Micron’s investment is another great victory for America ». He welcomed that in the future ” we will manufacture electric vehicles, chips, fiber optics and other essential components here in America “.

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